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About VickyWiki as a wiki

VickyWiki makes use of a Wiki to make exchanges and updates as easy as possible. More specifically, it uses the Mediawiki-implementation; same as is used e.g. at Wikipedia. For those unfamiliar with the concept of Wikis, take a look at Wikipedia:Wiki for an introduction to it.

Rules and guidelines for using this site

Users and registering and suchlike

  1. All who wish to add and/or edit articles must be registered. Nothing special is required to be allowed to register.
  2. When registering, use the same nick you use at the Paradox boards. If you aren't active there, please make note of the next point.
  3. If someone sees someone else using "their" nick, simply send a PM to an admin's account at the Paradox forums, and he/she will transfer the account. This will usually happen by changing the password and giving the new password to the rightful owner.


  1. This is a wiki. That means that all content is "owned" by all editors, and anyone can edit anything. In fact, the philosphy is that the more people that get involved in editing articles, the better those articles will get.
  2. To learn how editing works here and which possibilities/restictions the wiki offers, take a look at Mediawiki's help pages
  3. If an article has a talk-page, make sure to take a look at it before editing; there might be a discussion there, relevant to what you're thinking of editing.
  4. If users disagree to what should be in a given article, it's better to discuss it in the article's "Talk"-page than to resort to "edit-wars". If you really can't agree, ask an admin to arbitrate or even decide.
  5. Some pages are protected from editing (e.g. this one). This is to protect them from vandalism. If you have suggestions for changes to protected pages, use the page's "Discussion"-page.
  6. Vandalism will not be tolerated. Even if there are tools to repair vandalized articles, it's still annoying and a waste of people's time. The admins will handle vandalism in any way they see fit, including determining what is vandalism and not (common sense usually governing this).
  7. Make sure you are familiar with the copyright regulations for this site, found in VickyWiki:Copyrights
  8. Keep the content here relevant to the game. Also, keep it family-friendly. Offensive and abusive content has no place here, and will be dealt with appropriately.


  1. The admins may take whatever measures they deem necessary to keep this place friendly, informative and Victoria-relevant. Hopefully this won't be called for :-)
  2. If you have questions or comments you wish admins to see, you can e.g. use a given admin's "Talk"-page.
  3. Keep in mind that this is an English wiki, and non-English content will be edited/removed. If you add a link to a non-English page, please make a note of which language it is at the link.

What VickyWiki is not

To clarify the wiki's purpose and what we'd like to see here, it can be handy to say what the wiki isn't meant for:

  • It is not a discussion forum. The Paradox forums are much better suited for this.
  • It is not a place for people to brag about their l33t skills at playing Victoria. If it's not informative and helpful for others, you're probably better off writing an AAR of some kind
  • It is not a place for commercial activites. Advertisments are best placed elsewhere. Only exception is if Paradox might be interested in doing anything.
  • It is not better than what the users make it. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't complain. Instead, do something about it! Start putting together articles about the subject you're interested in, and hopefully others will come along and help you out.
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