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Welcome to VickyWiki!

This is what has grown into one of the two the main information source on Paradox Interactive's game "Victoria - An Empire Under the Sun", alongside the official Paradox forums

Here, you'll find 184 articles, providing insight into various parts of the game, as well as 308 files of various natures; mods, illustrations, maps and whatnot. You can start looking for what you seek through the links below, by searching with the searchbox in the lefthand menu, or by browsing the categories

It is entirely community-driven; all content has been put together by players who have wished to share their experiences (and in quite a few cases, the results of their detailed investigations) with other players.

If you are visiting VickyWiki for the first time, you might want to take a look at the main help-page to get some basic information on how it works.

If you yourself are among the people who have made good use of the information found here, and wish to contribute and help making this site even better, please visit the Community Portal. If you don't feel quite ready for writing and/or editing articles here yourself, feel free to share any comments and suggestions you might have with us, e.g. by discussing articles on their accompanying "Talk/Discussion"-pages or by posting an a given author's "Talk/Discussion"-page.


The Victoria Manual

AKA "The New Victoria Manual and Strategy Guide" AKA "Memnon's Manual"

Assorted Guides

Guides and strategies for assorted aspects and countries

The Semi-Official Victoria General Discussion FAQ

As seen on the Paradox forums

Reference Material

Maps, overviews, tables, statistics and suchlike.

Mods and Modding

How to modify your game & results from people who have already done it a bit.


Online and stand-alone utilites that help in playing and modifying the game.

Technical Issues

E.g. having problems getting the game to run properly? Look no further!


Other places of interest for the Victorian player/modder.

Other Paradox-based Wikis





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