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Viewing VickyWiki and finding your way around

VickyWiki works like any normal website; by following links, you'll navigate your way around to the different pages. You have some things to help you in doing this;

  • In the upper-right corner, you'll find a small textfield. Enter the name of an article you wish to read and click "Go" to go to it, or enter a word or phrase you wish to search for and click "Search" to see what turns up.
  • On the left side, you'll find a menu;
    • Clicking the logo will bring you to the main index-page, as will clicking "Main Page".
    • Clicking on ""Recent Changes" will bring up a page listing the most recent updates to VickyWiki. You can change the parameters of the list, extending the number of entries and the timeperiod covered if you wish.
    • If you feel lucky, you can click "Random Page" to see what might turn up.
    • "Current events" lists anything currently taking place related to VickyWiki.
  • Further down, you'll see:
    • "Edit this page" and "Discuss this page"; These only works for registered users (more about registered users further down on this page).
    • "Page history" will show an overview of the revisions this article has gone though and let you compare them to eachother.
    • "What links here" shows the articles that link to this one.
    • "Related changes" brings up a list of changes to articles deemed relevant to this article.
  • And even further down:
    • "Special pages" displays various tools for finding certain pages and for performing various tasks.
  • At the top of the page you will find:
    • Some of the same links as you find in the left menu (so I won't repeat the explanation of them).
    • "Printable version" will generate a "clean" version of the article you are viewing, without menus or frills, well-suited for printing.

Registered users

Registered users have some added options. If you wish to register, please read Writers Guide#Joining up.

  • "My watchlist" will display an overview of the pages you are currently "watching".
  • "My contributions" will display a list of the articles you have edited in the past.
  • "Edit this page" will bring you to the screen that lets you make changes to the article itself.
  • "Watch this page" will add this article to your watchlist.
  • "Discuss this page" will bring you to this page's "metapage", where you can discuss the article and aspects of it. This is e.g. useful if you aren't sure about changes you wish to make and wish to get some feedback on it before doing the update.
  • "Upload file" lets you upload files if you have images you wish to use or files you wish to make available.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to mail them to "wikiadmins (at) paradoxian [dot] org", or add them to this article's talk page.

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