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This site is a fan created resource for the Victoria 2 (Vicky2) game, created by Paradox Interactive. Any fans of the game are welcome to help contribute their insight to make this Wiki more useful. This site is independently run (e.g. no affiliation with Paradox Interactive). This site was set up by Rafiki after resources like Vicky Wiki, EU2 & EU3 Wiki, and the HoI2 & HoI3 Wiki have become indispensable resources for players. This Wiki runs on MediaWiki software on a Linux host, complete with an Apache webserver and MySQL database.

Any player of the game is welcome to join this site and edit articles. To do this, you must be registered. When you register, you can add the user template to share some basic information about yourself.

Rules and Guidelines


  1. This Wiki will include information on the original Victory 2 game, all expansions and community modifications.
  2. This Wiki uses a versioning system to help keep articles are up-to-date.
  3. The Vicky2 Wiki admins will ensure all user's abide by these rules
  4. This is an English wiki, and non-English content will be removed. Links to non-english sites are acceptable.


  1. Content on the Vicky2 Wiki is "owned" by all users of the wiki.
  2. Content should be game related and family-friendly.
  3. Disagreements about content should be discussed in the article's "Talk" page.
  4. Contact an admin for arbitrating debates that cannot be resolved through the "Talk" page for an article.
  5. Respect all Copyrights.

Prohibited Uses

  1. It is not a discussion forum.
  2. It is not a place for people to brag about their l33t skills at playing Vicky2.
  3. It is not a place for people to claim ownership over articles.
  4. It is not meant for general information about the 19th century or WW1.
  5. It is not a place for commercial activities.

Helpful Resources


  • User Awards: The different awards you can give to wiki users whose contributions you want to commend


If you want to help, but aren't quite sure how, here are some things you can do:

  • Find unfinished articles that need additional information: Find Stubs
  • Find articles that need to be rewritten: Find Cleanup
  • Find articles that have not been put into the wiki format: Find Wikify
  • Find articles that have been requested for deletion: Find Deletions
  • Contribute to articles other users are currently working on: Recent Changes
  • Don't hesitate to start a talk page, join a discussion, or create an article.

General Wiki Reference

  1. To learn how editing works here and which possibilities/restrictions the wiki offers, take a look at Mediawiki's help pages
  2. Learn how talk pages work, and how to communicate on them.
  3. Specific syntax and tools available on Vicky2Wiki
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