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List of Mods

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This page lists all mods for Vicky 2 that can be downloaded with workable versions. Visit the Mod Matrix for a comparison of mods. Follow the Vicky2Wiki:Mod style guide to create a page for a mod.

Balance and Gameplay Mods

  • POP Demand Mod: A large-scale mod which changes more or less everything in the game. Adds hundreds of new events, inventions, decisions, and even goods and factories. It significantly rebalances the economy, and includes the Great War mod to enable large-scale conflict in the end-game. See also PDM subforum on the Paradox forums. Note that A Pop Divided is the version of PDM developed for the AHD expansion.
  • The Victoria 2 Realism & Rebalance Project: aims at rebalancing the economy first and foremost, by modding the POP demands, the factories, buildings and units. Intends to also provide a stable and functioning economy at game start. Further goals include making military and politics deeper and more realistic. See also VRRP subforum on the Paradox forums
  • Age of Colonialism: is a lighter mod aimed at balancing the game without making as many in-depth changes as the other two. It features innovative tech-spread and a number of economic and military balances, while attempting to remain close to the original game. See also thread on Paradox Forums

Q: What are the differences between PDM and VRRP?

A: Statement by KonradRichtmark, lead designer of VRRP: [PDM has a] different design philosophy. We start from defining needs, throughputs and other basic economic variables from basic realistic assumptions, and then make everything else work according to that. They have more of a "what works, works" approach, caring less about realism than smooth playability. Their design philosophy is gamist, ours is simulationist. That's the short story, which is bound to be an over-simplification for which I'm sure to get flak from the popdemandmod team if they spot it.

A: by Naselus, lead designer of PDM : ' The two are practically incomparable now, in all honesty. While there's a lot of cross-fertilization between the two, and any good ideas from one usually get ported to the other (or even get adopted independently), they've evolved in very different ways over time. PDM has a lot more decisions added, more new buildings, and is generally updated more often and faster, while VRRP's approach of having one-man-per-job means that things tend to be looked at in more detail. Play both and see which one you prefer, as they feel completely different now.'

Graphical Changes

  • SexiiColours: "revitalizes and injects some much-needed flair into the general look of the game through use of the country color."
  • Flag Tweak Mod Pack Conversion: improves variety, historicity, aesthetics, and plausibility of flags
  • Danevang's map fertilizer: Improves the look of the map, primarily the oceans.
  • Modestus' Vic2MapMap: Makes the game map look like a real map see link on the forums

Specialized Mods

  • Nova Scotia: adds Nova Scotia to the game.
  • ZinnMod: A people's-oriented spiritual successor to Chomskymod.

Historical and Flavour Mods

Alternative History

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