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General information

Keep in mind that using cheats can alter the game in unexpected ways.
For example, flooding the market with cheap goods will lead probably result in severe problems in the global economy, which you will be a part of once your extra goods run out.
Also, keep in mind that if you modify any files you should make a backup of the original so that you will not have to reinstall in order to restore the original.

Console commands

The most common way to cheat in Paradox games is using the console.
For Victoria 2 however, the console cheats are somewhat limited as of version 1.1 compared to other Paradox games.
To use these commands, you need to enter them in the console.
To do that, press Alt+21 and after typing the command, press <enter>.
Cheat commands:

Gives the player money.


Gives the player prestige points.
Will be enabled as of version 1.2 of the game.


Gives the player 100 leadership points.
The practical upper limit is 100 as anything above will be dropped each month and at first use.

goods <amount or default 10000>

Adds goods of all types to the player's for stockpile.
Also gives money.

plurality <number>

Set country plurality percentage


Buildings finish in one day
Affects human and AI players.


Research finishes in one day
Affects human and AI players.


The AI always responds favorably to diplomacy (to each other as well).
Will be enabled as of version 1.2 of the game.

Modding/debugging Help:
tag <TAG>

Change to playing the specified country.
Substitute <TAG> for the country tag of your choice.
All country tags are listed in the file "common\countries.txt".
Remember to switch back before resuming the game or you may face drastic changes in your country when you come back.
Can be used for making the AI do diplomatic moves they would otherwise not make or to get rid of AI units.

revolt <province id>

Rebels rise in the specified province.
One way to find which province ID to specify is to check in the file "localisation\text.csv".
Search for the name of the desired province, then look at the first column where "PROV1", "PROV2" et cetera are listed.
Remove the "PROV"-part and those are the province IDs.

reload <filename>

Reload interface files when modding, works with other things too like defines et cetera.

reloadfx <effectname>

When modding shaders (reloadfx map reloads all the map shaders).

reloadtexture <name>

Reload texture for modding without restarting

event <id>

Trigger event with ID regardless of whether requirements are met or not.

Decisions based cheats

The method described here involves editing the original game files.
Remember to make backups of the originals.
This method results in decisions on the "Politics" screen of the game giving the desired effects when pressed.

  • Edit the decision file "decisions\Political.txt" by inserting all the descisions you want and their effects.
  • Then create a new file named "localisation\cheats.csv".
    Using a text editor enter a title and description for each decision.
    Spreadsheet editors such as Excel can make these files unusable, so it is suggested to use a text editor such as UltraEdit or notepad++ instead.

Some example decisions with descriptions for original version 1.1 of Victoria 2 follow.

  • In "decisions\Political.txt", replace line the single "}" on line 194 with this:
	opium_for_the_masses = {

alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { badboy = -50 war_exhaustion = -10 any_pop = {

        	      		consciousness = -50

militancy = -50 } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } }

moarwoar = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { any_pop = { dominant_issue = { value = jingoism factor = 0.1 } } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } }

we_are_so_clever = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { research_points = 7200 } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } }

be_more_liberal = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { any_pop = { ideology = { value = liberal factor = 1 } } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } }

be_more_conservative = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { any_pop = { ideology = { value = conservative factor = 1 } } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } }

be_more_reactionary = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { any_pop = { ideology = { value = reactionary factor = 1 } } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } }

be_more_socialist = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { any_pop = { ideology = { value = socialist factor = 1 } } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } be_more_fascist = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { any_pop = { ideology = { value = fascist factor = 1 } } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } be_more_communist = { alert = no potential = { ai = no }

allow = { } effect = { any_pop = { ideology = { value = communist factor = 1 } } } ai_will_do = { factor = 0 } } }

  • Put this in "localisation\cheats.csv":

opium_for_the_masses_title;An opium for the masses;;;;;;;;;;;;;x opium_for_the_masses_desc;Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is an opium for the masses. By convincing everyone that our actions have been nothing but the will of god, they accept the actions of the rulers as just and acceptable no matter what. All fatigue, aggression and unfair treatment is forgotten.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x moarwoar_title;moarwoarplz!!1;;;;;;;;;;;;;x moarwoar_desc;By pointing out that those other people over there have something nice you convince your people that they should take it. They will now sacrifice their posessions, their morals and their very lives for your war goals. Like convincing an infant that a shiny metal coin is valued more than paper money. More war please!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x we_are_so_clever_title;We are so clever;;;;;;;;;;;;;x we_are_so_clever_desc;A stranger, claiming to be back from the future, offers you some yet unknown knowledge. A thick bundle of documents marked "Classified xyzzy" contains all, or at least very much of the solution to your nation's current research. Having given it to your leading scientist, the stranger says "The name is Einstein. Albert Esinstein. We will meet again". He then turns away, speaks into his wrist "Beam me up Scotty!" and vanishes in a flash of light.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_liberal_title;Be more Liberal;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_liberal_desc;Look to the future people! We have seen the state of the past and know how horrible it was. We must work for a world free of unneeded regulations and other opression, that is the only way to achieve justice and satisfaction for all humankind!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_conservative_title;Be more Conservative;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_conservative_desc;We know what we have and we know what has been. If we change things, we don't know what might happen. The world is an intricate mechanism of interlocking actions and reactions. Changing anything could result in an unknown future disaster!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_reactionary_title;Be more Reactionary;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_reactionary_desc;Changes are good? No they are not. We changed things the way those radicals proposed and see what it got us? Now we demand but one thing: Change it back to the way it was. The way we all know worked. A world where people know their place!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_socialist_title;Be More Socialist;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_socialist_desc;Our people are sick, hungry and poor, and we need to help them. We need to provide as much aid to them as possible!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_fascist_title;Be more Fascist;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_fascist_desc;Our ruling party is weak but our nation is strong! If we follow the advice of Our Leader our country will be even stronger! Rise up and fight for our country!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_communist_title;Be more Communist;;;;;;;;;;;;;x be_more_communist_desc;The ruling party opressing the people! We defeat the bourgeousie and and liberate our country! Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x

Static modifiers cheats

As of version 1.1 of Victoria 2 there is no way to change the difficulty level using the game interface.
There are furthermore no definitions for how the game should handle any settings easier than the default ("hard") setting.
It can still be changed for a game in process by editing an existing savegame before loading it and defining your own setting.

  • In the directory "save games", open the desired savegame using a text editor such as UltraEdit or notepad++.
    To set "very easy" level, change these lines:
2 	}

So they become like this:

0 	}
  • In the file "common\static_modifiers.txt", define how you want "very easy" to work.
    This is done by replacing these lines (remember to backup the original file):
very_easy_player = {



For example you could put these modifiers in:

very_easy_player = {
	unit_recruitment_time = -100 #instantly build troops
	diplomatic_points_modifier = 1 #gain 100% more diplopoints
	local_ship_build = 1 #instantly build ships
	org_regain = 1

Savegame editing

Since the savegame files are plain text files they can be edited by hand.
This way any changes desired can be applied to an existing game for that particular point in game time.
To find your own player section of the file, search for "human=yes".

Keep in mind when editing diplomatic parameters that the equivalent changes should be made to all parties involved.
If you remove an alliance from your diplomacy subsection for example, make sure to also remove that alliance under the global diplomacy section.
Otherwise you will not be allied with the other country, but they will still be allied with you.
This can be useful of course, but will also prevent you from declaring war on them.

An easy way to destroy a major AI power is to give them a very high "badboy" value as this will make all their alliances break and the other AI players go to way against them.
In the same way you can clear you own value if it has gotten too high.

If you are unsure about the changes you are performing, make a backup of the savegame before overwriting.


Parts copied from The Cheats Thread on the Victoria II Paradox forums.

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