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These are POPs who hopefully have enough money to build Railroads or Factories. In some forms of Government, that’s the only way a Factory gets built. They make money from the profit of selling Goods from their Factories, and they may re-invest their profits into other Factories, or may invest in the National Bank. Capitalists provide a bonus to factory input efficiency in the state in which they reside. For every X capitalists per capita in a state, the amount of factory input goods is reduced by Y%. They also tend to be less conservative, less reactionary, and less fascist than Aristocrats, so promoting Capitalists can increase the likelihood of passing political reforms early on, when most countries' upper houses are dominated by the upper class.


Life Needs Everyday Needs Luxury Needs
Fish 1.0 Luxury Furniture 20.0 Aeroplanes 5.0
Wool 1.0 Coffee 20.0 Opium 20.0
Grain 2.5 Tobacco 20.0 Small Arms 1.0
Fruit 1.0 Luxury Clothes 20.0 Steamer Convoy 2.0
Cattle 0.75 Coal 20.0 Automobiles 20.0
Paper 20.0 Radio 20.0
Wine 20.0 Telephones 20.0
Fuel 30.0
Ammunition 1.0
Clipper Convoy 2.0

Ideological Tendencies

Ideology Base Chance Modifier
Anarcho-Liberal 1
Communist 1
Conservative 1
Fascist 1
Liberal 1
Reactionary 1
Socialist 1

Rebel Tendencies

Unit Base Chance Modifier
Artillery 0.1
Guard 0.3
Infatry 0.6
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