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A House Divided is the first expansion of the Victoria 2 franchise.

Major Features

  • Economics:
    • Trade goods have more detailed information to assist with decisions regarding the best factories to build
    • Railroads are now more expensive and terrain dependent (e.g. no more maximum railroads throughout the desert)
    • Foreign investment in building infrastructure and factories in other countries can strengthen their ties to you and provide a market advantage
    • Countries can invest in projects being done by local capitalists
  • War:
    • War justifications can be used to create a casus beli on your target and reduce infamy
    • New starting point in 1861, allowing players to experience the US Civil War from the start
    • Troops now speed up colonization
    • Rally points are available to manage new unit construction (both naval & land)
    • Military leaders can gain prestige, providing morale and organizational bonuses (moving leaders to different armies causes a prestige reduction)
  • Politics:
    • Party loyalty is a new national focus that can help influence elections
    • Civilization now has various new reform paths, including new reform types (military & economic)
    • A new system of popular movements that can be appeased or suppressed, but if ignored, will become the revolutionaries of tomorrow
    • New decisions including the ability to spread political ideology
    • China is now divided into cliques, known as substates, allowing for more interaction in the Far East.
  • Diplomacy:
    • To make management of Spheres of Influence easier, maximum influence now deducts from your strongest competitor
  • Interface:
    • Several new map modes (RGO, Density, Nationality, Spheres, Supply limit, Party loyalty, etc)
    • Outline view on the main screen shows the status for various actions such as influencing, nation focus progress, battles, etc
    • A new message filtering has been created, allowing player's to create flags to only receive messages from countries the player is interested in
    • Changes to unit organization screens to make unit management easier in the late game
    • Terrain changes including impassable mountainous regions and railways speeding up troop movement
    • General changes to make it easier to handle factory maintenance, setting national focus, etc.

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