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User information

Forum nick Doink9731
Location: Chicago, IL
Join-date: August 04, 2009
Wiki-role(s): Assistant to the Regional Manager.

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Doink9731 discovered fire.

See User:Doink9731/TODO for a list of current projects.



I was born under mysterious and hard to explain circumstances involving a earthquake, a world series game, and correlation between his birthday and time of birth.

Since then I've been moving through the series of tubes and living in candy mountain.

Labors of Love

Doink loves his music. You can find his favorites here

I wrote a German HOI 3 Guide while dreadfully bored in the summer of 2008.

I also wrote/made/built his own Wiki centered around the Operation Market Garden modification for Company of Heroes called OMG:Wiki.

Wiki Matrix

Wiki User Name Rights
English Wikipedia Doink9731 (talk) User
MediaWiki Doink9731 (talk) User
Other Wiki Projects
Wiki User Name Rights
OMG:Wiki Doink9731 (talk) Sysop, Bureaucrat (verify)
HoI3:Wiki Doink9731 (talk) User


The Editor
The Editor

For your prolific contributions on decisions, events, and templates -- among many others. Keep up the outstanding work! :)--Musides 13:22, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

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