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DiDay's ICE

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The mod is aimed to make HOI3 a better simulation of what the WW2 was (the vanilla game -i.e. non modded- is unrealistic and ahistorical, as Paradox wanted to make it). The point of the mod is to have a better experience of the game by adding :

  • almost 400 events
  • 50 decisions
  • more than 110 new technologies (visible and event related)
  • around 60 new units, some of them was (in my opinion) missing from the game (SP-AA, escort fighter, long range or armed transports ships...), most of them is for flavour or gameplay (SS units, Red Guards, siege artillery, amphibious armor etc.)
  • All the units stats changed (garrison is great at defense, armor has no use in amphibious assault etc.) better AI (based upon the AI pack) with historical wars and faction joining
  • Around 13 new countries (from New Nation mod, UK surrender and British Empire mods) like Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic Union, Flanders, Wallonia, British India, Burma, England, Scoltland, Walles, North Ireland, Kuweit, British Union and maybe more I don't remember.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location Paradox Sub-forum
Dedicated mod website/forum (for modding teams with their own sites)
Current version 2.1.6
Last update October 2010
Compatibility HoI3 Semper Fi V2.03c (Hoi3 Vanilla development abandoned with version
Mod team (identify all who helped create the mod)
AAR archives (link to any AARs featuring the mod -- this helps convey mod popularity)


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Unit pictures and icons updated, background images replaced
Technology more than 150 new techs
Map Currently merging with the Map Patch Project
Events more than 800 events added
New Units more than 100 unit types added
Game Mechanics

Wiki articles

Tech tree explained

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