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User talk:Renaissnce Man

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Next Project: Write a Strategy Guide for Rajputana.

Welcome :)

Hi Renaissnce Man! Welcome here, it's nice to see more people working a bit on the wiki. I saw you expanded and updated Brandenburg strategy quite a lot. Great! If you don't mind, I'd like to point out some things that could be improved, in my opinion. I already did some minor changes, but I believe it's better to discuss major changes with other people working on the article. So that's why I'm here on your talk page.

Anyway, some sections are pretty general strategy and not so specific to Brandenburg. Perhaps it would be better to refer to general strategy articles for Trading, Personal Unions (and how to get out of one) and Becoming HRE? (they would need to be written first though) Next, the narrative in the first paragraph ('Before I bought the game, I started as Brandenburg...') and some other sections could be a bit more objective, less personal.

But, overall, the article seems very thorough. Let's try to make it even better!

By the way, on talk pages it can be useful to sign your comments, four tildes (~~~~) will convert to your username plus the current date and time. For me, that's: Junuxx 00:04, 7 October 2009 (UTC).

Also, to make a talk page more readable and to make clear what you are replying to, put a colon (:) at the start of a line to indent it, like this.
Two colons to indent it even further (::), etc.

You can reply either here or on my page, or perhaps we should move the discussion to the Brandenburg strategy page. Anything goes.

Regards, -- Junuxx 00:04, 7 October 2009 (UTC)

Alright Junuxx, I am glad to help with this wiki. I learned a lot paging through it, so I felt I should at least contribute a little of what I learned. I have been editing it throughout the day trying to remove the first person narrative in the Brandenburg article, but I have trouble wrapping my head around advising people in the third person. I keep wanting to say "You should do this" or "They will jump you" and have to rephrase it. Eventually I will get the hang of it. It helps to know what the standards are.
A lot of the strategies are general use, but I do not yet know how to make an article page from whole cloth. I am not familiar with the wiki editing system, so maybe you could point me to a good tutorial? I would love to know how you made the nice little clickable table of contents on the top of my article.
I would be happy to spin off the Trading section into an entirely new article on building a trading state with any strategy, making the Holy Roman Emperor's throne yours in perpetuity, and getting out of a personal union, because I had to look that up for a friend of mine who played Brandenburg and got stuck under the Union for a good century. These sorts of questions are what players of this game want to know, and if I figured it out I would be happy to share what I learned.
Thanks for your help, hope I can help you in the future. I am working on an updated Strategy Guide for Muscovy advising people how to build Russia, remembering to try and stay in the third person. Hopefully it will come out better.
Renaissance Man 02:23, 7 October 2009 (UTC)
Yup, the best way to learn is to just do it. "They will jump you" doesn't seem that awful to me though. You could replace 'you' with 'the player' for extra distance, but I don't think that makes much of a difference. Rather, it's things like "And that was my very first game" that you should try to avoid. "Whose first game? How is that relevant", a reader might think. You could say something like "Playing Brandenburg allows even novice players to be successful", "Brandenburg is a suitable nation for a first game of EU3" or something like that.
Starting a new article (nice idiom, whole cloth, wasn't familiar with that) is not particularly different from editing an existing one. You can enter the desired title in the address bar (say, and go there. Alternatively, you can include a wikilink like New_article in an existing article and click it. You'll arrive at a page saying "There is currently no text in this page" and some more stuff. Click the create tab on top of the article or the "edit this page" link to start editing like you would edit any other page.
The table of contents is an automatic feature triggered by my use of == headers ==. You can find more info on that and many other wiki features here
I think I'll work on creating a few spin-off articles for the general advice tomorrow. Enough for today :-) Keep it up! -- Junuxx 03:18, 7 October 2009 (UTC)
Thank you for taking the time to help a new contributor learn the wiki style Junuxx. Your contributions are becoming ubiquitous!
@Renaissnce Man: Thanks for leaving a message on my talk page and trying to adapt Brandenburg strategy to the wiki style conventions. Junuxx addressed almost all of the issues with the article.
Just make sure to link items that have a page associated with them. It can be tedious, but it does make the article convenient to the reader and technically complete.
All style conventions aside, I do laud your effort at making the Brandenburg strategy readable for a beginning In Nomine player. Nsahn 05:28, 7 October 2009 (UTC)
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