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Peace negotiation

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon's Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne, and Divine Wind v5.1.
Please help keep this article up to date with the latest patches.

Peace negotiation is the screen where a nation selects the options it desires for the end of a war. It is entered by clicking on the "Sue for Peace" diplomatic option under the info of the country with which you are at war.

This screen shows the current war score with the selected nation and has the following options:

In peace negotiation with horde nations, the only available options are White Peace and the demand/payment of ducats.



Annexing a country is an option only available when the target is either a One-province Minor or a pagan country. It generally requires a 100% war score, and causes the victor to accrue a higher reputation hit than other options would give.

If you are wondering why you can't annex an enemy nation, see the FAQ.

Demand Tribute

Demanding a tribute tends to be done exclusively by nations winning a war. AI nations will rarely accept an unfavourable peace if they are winning, and so this option should only be taken if there is a decent margin - generally roughly 20% war score or over. This option allows the player to demand

among other options.

Several of these options will cause the victor to accrue infamy, depending on the casus belli employed and a number of other factors. Generally, the best way to avoid an infamy penalty while still profiting from the war is to demand ducats. However, forcing the opponent to relinquish cores can solidify the player's control over a province.

Offer White Peace

Offering a White Peace ends a war, with neither side giving up land or money. The only territorial changes that occur are if nations have seized colonies from one another.

A White Peace leads to a truce or ceasefire, which lasts 5 years. If war is renewed during this 5-year period, the aggressor will incur a greater stability loss than normal (-5 stability).

Offer Tribute

Offering a tribute is an option generally taken for one of two reasons: either the player is losing a war and wants to get out before his entire country is conquered, or he needs to get out of one war quickly for other reasons. This gives the player a number of options, including

  • paying a tribute of ducats
  • ceding provinces
  • relinquishing cores

As with Demand Tribute, several of these options will cause the victor (in this case, the opponent) to suffer an infamy hit. This can be utilised to the player's advantage by offering a generous offer which will cause a large accrual of infamy - however, this method can also cause severe harm to the player's country.

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