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Welcome to the Arsenal of Democracy Wiki!

This site is dedicated to the free exchange of all things related to Paradox Interactive's and BL-Logic's game, Arsenal of Democracy, A Hearts of Iron Game, be it strategies, modding guidelines, reference materials, etc.

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Assorted Guides

Guides and strategies for assorted aspects and countries.

Reference Material

Game-related overviews, tables, statistics and suchlike.

Mods and Modding

Playable AOD Mods & how to instructions for modding your game.


Online and stand-alone utilites that help in playing and modifying the game.

Technical Issues

Having problems getting the game to run properly? Look no further!


Other places of interest for the HOI2/AOD players & modders.


Comprehensive listing of differences from HOI2.

Orphaned Topics

Links for pages to be placed into other gross categories / categories not yet implemented

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